SHE-MAN (1967) Insert poster


Np, [Florida]: Southeastern Pictures Corporation, [1967]. Vintage original 36 x 14″ (91 x 36 cm.) insert poster, USA. Leslie Marlowe, Wendy Roberts, Dorian Wayne, dir: Bob Clark; Southeastern Pictures Corp. Unfolded, with a marginal tear at bottom blank center, near fine.

SHE-MAN is an early exploitation film about a main character who is transgendered. Dominique Festro (Dorian Wayne) becomes a female impersonator to escape detection as a United States Army deserter. He uses the name of Dominita and soon exploits his new position by building up a lucrative extortion racket. Drawing Albert Rose (Leslie Marlowe), his former lieutenant, into the game, Dominita forces him to take female hormone pills and become the impersonator’s personal maid. After realizing that a colonel is oblivious to Dominita’s masquerade, Albert and Dominita’s secretary Ruth (Wendy Roberts) reveal the true identity of the deserter to Army officials.

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