STRANGER THAN PARADISE (1984) One sheet poster


Hollywood: Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1984. Vintage original 41 x 27″ (104 x 69 cm.) poster, USA. John Lurie, Eszter Balint, dir: Jim Jarmusch; Goldwyn. Unfolded, with just a couple of minute nicks in the blank left margin, JUST ABOUT FINE.

Jim Jarmusch’s first feature film, a landmark surreal comedy laiden with dead-pan humor. There were two different posters for the movie — this one, with a scene at a frigid Lake Erie, and another from the film’s finale in Pensacola. There are numerous later repros of this poster on the market, but they measure 40 x 27″, and are printed only in black, whereas this poster is printed in black and brown.

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