TRIANGLE BOOKS | A BRAND NEW SERIES NOW ONLY 39¢ (ca. 1939-43) Bookstore standee


[New York]: Triangle Books, [ca. 1939-1943]. Vintage original bookstore standee poster, about 22 x 12.5″ (58 x 32 cm.), minor rubbing, near fine or better.

Triangle Books was a reprint publisher, with a focus on inexpensive, hardbound editions of popular fiction. They were first owned by Reynald and Hitchcock between 1933 and 1939. Doubleday acquired them in 1939. They priced their books at $0.39 between 1939 and approximately 1943, and then prices were raised to $0.49 afterwards.

Bookstore posters like this are exceedingly uncommon. Not in OCLC.

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