Vintage original 36 x 14″ (90 x 35 cm.) insert poster, USA. Acquanetta, John Carradine, Evelyn Anker, Milburn Stone, Lloyd Corrigan, dir: Edward Dmytryk; Universal.

A mad scientist is on the prowl and, after he does a brain transplant into a giant gorilla, the results are predictably disastrous. The film relied heavily on stock footage shot for The Big Cage (1933), and thus the crediting of Clyde Beatty. The star Mildred Davenport, renamed Acquanetta, did not say a word throughout.

This poster is a very scarce size, seldom seen. It has nice, bright colors. Poster is unfolded, there was very discreet touch-up work addressing several tiny tears to the blank margins; the result is a bit of conservation done to the margins with a little paint, and some archival paper reinforcing the poster on the back. The body of the poster itself is unrestored and really nice. Includes a grading certificate from MP Grading of 9.5. FINE-.

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