MAN’S CASTLE (1933) Spencer Tracy and Loretta Young


Vintage original 14 x 36” (cm.) insert poster, USA. Spencer Tracy, Loretta Young, Marjorie Rambeau, Glenda Farrell, Walter Connolly, dir: Frank Borzage; Columbia Pictures. A highly romantic image for the story of a homeless girl during the Depression who is taken in by a gruff man in a squatter’s camp. She falls in love with him and becomes pregnant, only to discover he wishes to leave her when a showgirl offers to support him. Young and Tracy were involved in a passionate affair during the making of this film which only added to the melodrama. Cut for a 1938 post production code re-release, the original pre-code cut is not known to exist. Poster has been cleaned and professionally paper backed. The original folds are evident. There is one small crease at the left side just above the top fold. Stunning colors. ABOUT FINE.

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