Vintage original 36 x 14″ (90 x 35 cm.) insert poster, USA. Beverly Michaels, Richard Egan, Percy Helton, dir: Russell Rouse; United Artists.

Embezzlement and adultery take place when a femme fatale drifts into a town, gets a job as a waitress and schemes with the owner (who is married to an alcoholic) to take the bar’s money and run off. But their plans come up against an obstacle when a man boarding in the same house as the blonde bombshell discovers the plan and comes up with one of his own.

A protégé of Hugo Haas, Beverly Michaels had appeared in a string of noirish sexpot roles, but by the time of this film, Haas had moved on to Cleo Moore and she had become a poor Marilyn Monroe imitation. Her film career would end in 1956.

Poster has 6 horizontal folds. There is minor edge creasing in the blank white margin, a bit more prominent at the top left side. Nice colors and provocative layout. NEAR FINE.

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