Vintage original 14 x 16″ (35 x 42 cm.) jumbo window card, USA. Lillian Harvey, Lew Ayres, Charles Butterworth, Harry Langdon, Sid Silvers, dir: David Butler; Fox Picture. In the true Cinderella/Pygmalion tradition, this was a story of a wealthy man who makes a bet with his uncle that he can transform a clumsy cleaning lady into a glamorous fashion plate and marry her off. This time, though, it is Cupid and his arrow (played by Harry Langdon in a Regency period costume, wings and powdered wig) that gets the action started. The dialogue was strictly Pre-Code and the film was conceived as a vehicle to introduce UK born/German raised musical actress (and UFA star) Lillian Harvey to American audiences. There were some lively songs and up to the moment couture by designers Rita Kaufman and Jose Strassner. Slight stains at extreme top and on back (those don’t show through), minor wear from handling, NEAR FINE.

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