Vintage original 11 x 14″ (28 x 35 cm.) lobby card set, USA. Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Ethel Barrymore, Lillian Gish, Cecil Kellaway, David Wayne, dir: William Dieterle; David O. Selznick Productions. Beautiful, romantic fantasy film about a struggling artist in Depression-era New York City who meets a mysterious girl, paints her portrait and becomes involved in the mystery surrounding her existence. The final tidal wave sequence at the finale of the film was originally premiered in major cities in a process called Magnascope and a surround sound called Multi-Sound (foreshadowing Cinemascope and stereo which were just a few years off). Portrait artist Robert Brackman was hired to paint the actual portrait. Two were done — one with an ornate background and the simple one used in the final film, the final image being of it in Technicolor.

Title card has multiple pin holes at each corner and at center of the bottom margin. There are pin holes, soiling and tape residue to the right side blank white margin. Card no. 2 has multiple pin holes in the same areas, scratching at the top right side blank white margin and a crease down the card at the right side. Cards no. 3-6 and 8 have no pin holes and only minor creasing. Card no. 7 has a pin hole at the top and bottom left sides. Overall VERY GOOD-FINE.

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