FORTUNE, THE (1975) Costume sketch by Anthea Sylbert


Vintage original 20 x 15″ (50 x 37 cm.) (without frame) costume sketch, USA. A stunning sketch design by Anthea Sylbert executed on artists board in gouache, paint and pen. This is for the character Freddie as portrayed by Stockard Channing. A super cast played in Mike Nichols comedy about a scheme to take a woman over state lines for immoral purposes despite the Mann-Act enforced at the time.

This sketch shows four (4) views of a very smart ca. 1920s day ensemble and comes with two swatches of fabric along with the note to change to costume to dark brown. Anthea Sylbert, has signed the sketch at the bottom right. At the time Sylbert was on a role winning Academy Awards for other period pieces Chinatown and Julia, ABOUT FINE.

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