SAUL BASS / SECONDS (1966) Silkscreen poster


Vintage original 35 x 25″ (87 x 62 cm.) poster, USA. Rock Hudson, Frank Campanella, John Randolph, Frances Reid, dir: John Frankenheimer; Paramount. Now a cult classic, this horror thriller initially met with extreme criticism. A middle age man displeased with a life that is going nowhere is given a chance to fake his own death and physically become a new person.

Our friend, poster collector and dealer Daniel Strebin, provided this information: About a decade ago, he received consignments of Saul Bass silkscreens from the Bass estate. He personally saw invoices for some of them which were printed around 1965. Most of the silkscreens were produced at Art Krebs Studio in Los Angeles. Bass continued to have silkscreens created up until around 1980.

All of the silkscreen editions appear to have been in editions of between 50-150. It also seems that once an edition was exhausted, Bass did not make a second edition; as a result, all of these art silkscreens are very rare indeed. Bass never intended for these posters to be sold — they were intended to be given away. Since he was frequently frustrated with the compromises the film studios inflicted on his magnificent modernist designs, the silkscreens were intended to represent his imagery in its purest possible form.

Poster is unused and stored unrolled. Minor edge and corner handling only, JUST ABOUT FINE.

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