DARK PASSAGE (1947) Campaign book


Vintage original 11 x 17″ (28 x 42 cm.) campaign book, 28 pp., USA. Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Agnes Moorehead, Bruce Bennett, Tom d’Andrea; dir: Delmer Daves; Warner Brothers. Overall fine condition, not folded, but there is a slit on the cover center which runs 4″ (10 cm.) vertically, about fine.

A much darker journey into the film noir realm for Bogart and Bacall than their early, wildly successful THE BIG SLEEP (1946), this time from a lurid David Goodis novel. A man (Bogart) wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife is rescued by a concerned courtroom spectator (Bacall) and must change his notorious face through backdoor plastic surgery in order to find the real killer. One of the truly great films of this revered genre, as well as one of the best period films set in and depicting San Francisco.

This deluxe campaign book includes the Advertising section, full of merchandising ideas for the movie, interior design ideas for the home based on the art director’s set work, fashions modeled by Lauren Bacall and all kinds of theatre lobby presentation ideas. So popular were Bogart and Bacall that their names appear above the title in this campaign.

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