MARGUERITE DURAS (1961-1976) Set of 3 French pressbooks


Set of three (3) vintage original French pressbooks for films written by (or written and directed by) Marguerite Duras:

UNE AUSSI LONGUE ABSENCE (1961) 12 x 9 1/2″ (31 x 24 cm.), 4 pp., NEAR FINE.

INDIA SONG (1974) 13 x 9 1/2″ (33 x 24 cm.), 4 pp., JUST ABOUT FINE.

BAXTER, VERA BAXTER (1976) 8 1/4 x 11 3/4″ (21 x 30 cm.), 13 pp., printed on rectos only, JUST ABOUT FINE.

Duras first appeared in France as a novelist, and she was initially attached to the Nouveau Roman (New Novel) movement. She went to first write screenplays (as here with UNE AUSSI LONGUE ABSENCE) and then direct them as well (INDIA SONG and BAXTER, VERA BAXTER).

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