SAY IT WITH SONGS (1929) – 3


Vintage original 14 x 22″ (35 x 56 cm.) window card, USA. Al Jolson, Davey Lee, Marian Nixon, Holmes Herbert, dir: Lloyd Bacon; Warner Brothers Vitaphone. The Vitaphone logo is displayed for this early All Talking, All Singing vehicle for showman Al Jolson.Moving away from his minstrel show image, he played a happy-go-lucky radio singer who has a problem with gambling and drinking. This showing was for the Rialto Theatre of Fort Dodge, IA, which was built in the early-1920s and ran as a Central States Theatre until its closing in the mid-1970s. A few weeks after the Sep. 29 play date, Wall Street would crash, necessitating a need for more Jolson musicals. There is one mended tear, about 2.5 in. (4.5 cm.) and one vertical scratch, a little bit of soiling, VERY GOOD.

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