CARY GRANT WEARS SUIT, TIE AND SUSPENDERS (1932) Oversized photo by Otto Dyar


[Los Angeles: Paramount Pictures, 1932]. Vintage original 11 x 14″ (28 x 35 cm.) black-and-white double weight glossy silver gelatin photo. Tiny pin holes at each of the four corners. Right blank white border edge may have been trimmed. Blind stamp of Otto Dyar at bottom right corner. Photographer and studio ink stamps on verso, near fine.

Fresh from the New York theatre, Cary Grant would play leading man to the stable of Paramount star actresses in eight films his first year in Hollywood. There were Marlene Dietrich, Sylvia Sidney, Nancy Carroll, Carole Lombard and Tallulah Bankhead. He would also meet Randolph Scott on one of those 1932 ventures, Hot Saturday, and live with him for the next 12 years. At the end of 1932 there was Mae West and, though he played leading man in such films as Blonde Venus and Madam Butterfly, it was She Done HIm Wrong which got the public’s attention. His impeccable wardrobe and grooming were also noted.

Here for an exclusive portrait for the New York Examiner, he models the finest in casual wear.

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