WORKING MAN, THE (1933) Herald ft. Bette Davis


Vintage original 8 ½ x 11 ½” (21 x 29 cm.) duo-tone herald, 4 page, USA. Bette Davis, George Arliss, Theodore Newton, Hardi Albright, dir: John G. Adolfi; Warner Brothers. So impressed was reigning king of Warner Brothers, George Arliss by Bette Davis, that he invited her to play the major supporting role in THE MAN WHO PLAYED GOD in 1932. So well did they get a long that they made this film soon after, the story of a sly businessman on vacation who gains the confidence of his rival businesses family members. Though it was a George Arliss vehicle, this herald highlights Bette Davis and presents her as the ultimate cheese cake model— a role which she played aptly but which was not challenge for her vast talents, which Warner Brothers, a few years and many fights later, allowed her to display in great roles. In the 12 images here Bette displays an array in the fashion parade. Pin holes and slight wear at the top and bottom corners of each page. ABOUT FINE.

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