Brian De Palma (co-director) DIONYSUS IN ’69 (1970) Set of 3 photos


[New York]: Sigma III, 1970. Three (3) vintage original 8 x 10″ (20 x 25 cm.) black-and-white photos, with photo agency stickers on verso, just about fine.

One of Brian De Palma’s earliest movies, this one a collaboration with Robert Fiore and Bruce Rubin.

The film records a performance of The Performance Group’s stage play of the same name, an adaptation of The Bacchae. Dionysus in 69 was a theatrical production directed and conceived by Richard Schechner, founder and longtime artistic director of the Performance Group (TPG), a New York-based experimental theater troupe.

An adaptation of The Bacchae by Greek playwright Euripides, Dionysus in 69 was an example of Schechner’s practice of site-specific theatre, utilizing space and the audience in such ways as to bring them in close contact with each other. Dionysus in 69 challenged notions of the orthodox theater by deconstructing Euripides’ text, interpolating text and action devised by the performers, and involving the spectators in an active and sensory artistic experience.

For the film, De Palma often used a split screen technique (which he would use again in later movies). This is a rare film, perhaps the only one by De Palma, to have sequences reflecting man-on-man sexual expression. (Wikipedia)

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