HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT (1959) One sheet poster


Vintage original 27 x 41″ (68 x 103 cm.) one sheet, USA. Tom Pittman, Virginia Aldridge, Howard Veit, dir: Joel Rapp; Sparta Production/Filmgroup. Classic “B” teen crime drama exploitation of the 1950s presented in red, black-and-white. Comic book in presentation with the only female playing the most evil and greedy character (she only wants the teen lead if he can provide her with money), the presentation is somewhat Shakespearean in its melodrama. It is about how the high school big shot gets money through those mob and drug connected persons he is influenced by.

The poster displays beautifully. There are some large scattered pinholes along the top and bottom white blank margins and corners, some pinholes in the middle white area below the portrait of Tim Pittman and imperceptible tiny holes along the bottom horizontal fold. Poster is folded, in original condition. NEAR FINE.

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