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Collecting Vintage Hollywood & Movie Star Photographs

Created to feed the Hollywood studio publicity machine, Hollywood and movie star photos have become the visual record of the history of motion pictures and the era of the great motion picture studios. As a result of the increasing interest in its history and the people who made the movies, the images that captured that magic have become recognized as an art form in themselves and are becoming an important and vibrant part of collecting vintage Hollywood movie memorabilia. To learn more about collecting Hollywood and Movie Star Photographs, please check out this video:

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Collecting Hollywood Movie Memorabilia

Once Upon a Time at MGM

Vintage Original Hollywood Movie Memorabilia, as an investment-worthy collectibles category, came of age in 1970 when MGM sold the contents of seven sound stages to auctioneer David Weisz for the ridiculous sum of $1.5 million. Included in the lot were over 350,000 costumes, furniture and decorative-art related items, automobiles, busses, trains, tanks, boats, ships, airplanes and space capsules that had been designed and built or purchased to create the background tapestry of hundreds of the studio’s productions.

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Collecting Original Vintage Horror & Science Fiction Posters & Photographs

Vintage Original Horror and Science Fiction Posters have proven to be among the most popular and appreciated collectibles in all of vintage movie memorabilia.  Today, with original vintage movie posters proving to be both scarce and expensive, collectors are turning to vintage original film photography that was used by the studios to define, promote and advertise their films and stars.

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Collecting Vintage Original Movie Photographs

The video, Collecting Movie Photographs, is just one of the videos Walterfilm has produced that deal with the history of film and motion picture ephemera and is an important part of its Curatorship Program.

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