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Walter Film Catalog 52/2023

Catalog 52 presented a collection of material represented by these six categories: FEATURED SELECTIONS, AFRICAN AMERICANA, LGBTQ, FILM NOIR, DIRECTORS and PHOTOGRAPHY. Here are five samples:

Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien’s July 18, 1974 film script for the THE ROCK HORROR PICTURE SHOW,

Robert Mapplethorpe 1974 portrait of Phillip Glass

The revised final draft screenplay for THE EXORCIST, 1972

Two vintage photos from Fritz Lang’s METROPOLIS, 1927

The original screenplay for Orson Welles’ unfinished film THE DEEP, ca 1967


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WalterFilm buys Movie Scripts, Television Scripts & Movie Memorabilia

My company, Walter Reuben, Inc., actively buys movie and television scripts as well as movie memorabilia. It doesn’t matter what kind of movie or TV show it is: popular or obscure, low budget, indie film, or large studio spectacular. This includes horror movies, TV sitcoms, Oscar winning dramas or silly comedies. I can buy a few scripts or a large collection.

Los Angles is Filled with Scripts

People who work in the film and television industry, in a variety of capacities, may have valuable assets in the scripts they, their parents or a relative has worked on. I have acquired scripts directly from writers, actors, and crew members, as well as the estates of people who worked in the industry.

Movie Memorabilia

In addition to scripts, there are story boards, models, and, of course, props, as well as a variety of additional items that have been directly connected to a particular production, many of which have value.

Knowledge, Experience & Fair Play

However, not everything has value just because the item was associated with a film or television show. I have had a lifetime of experience buying such collections. Here is a descriptive list of Walter Film Collections and information on our Curatorship. In addition, I make every effort to treat people fairly.

If you believe you have material that might be of interest, please contact me at info@walterfim.com or 323-422-1564.

WalterFilm buys Movie Scripts, TV Scripts and Movie Memorabilia

Walter Reuben, Inc. ABAA, ILAB

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Walter Film Catalog 50

October 2022, I am pleased to announce the launch of Waler Reuben’s 50th Catalog. As usual, it contains a wide variety of material. Here are the listed categories and an example of their contents:

Movie Star Photos For Sale, Original Vintage Lobby Cards, Vintage Original Film Scripts, Vintage Original Movie Scripts

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Four Academy Award Winning or Nominated Screenplays

With Academy Award Season about to begin, we thought it might be appropriate to celebrate four significant screenplays that either won or were nominated for an Academy Award. After all, without a bit of imagination and the written word there would be no movies, no Academy Awards and, of course, no Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. 

Charles Coburn, George C. Scott, Harper Lee, Horton Foote, Jackie Gleeson, Jean Arthur, Miloš Forman, Norman Krasna, Paul Newman, Peter Shaffer, Piper Laurie, Robert Cummings, Robert Rosen, Spring Byington, Vintage Original Movie Scripts

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Curating A Business

WalterFilm is in the business of providing our clients, both private collectors and institutions, with the finest selection of original vintage movie postersmovie star photoslobby cardsmovie scripts & rare books and Hollywood movie memorabilia. We also deal in sub-specialties of theater and stage, African American cultural history and LGBTQ film, stage, art, and social history. In all instances, our objective is to search out and offer the most outstanding pieces we can find.

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