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CATEGORY: Film Scripts

WOMEN IN FILM, THEATER & MUSIC As the photograph of Katharine Hepburn above signifies, this is a collection of lesbian and bisexual women in film, theater and music. It spans a full century, starting with Maud Adams in 1901 and working its way up through a Chantal Akerman film of 2004. This archive has three components: PART ONE deals with 67 lesbian and bisexual women in film, theater and music. It contains actresses and singers, but also includes LBTQ women whose books we… was never meant to be a large website, it was intended to be an exclusive boutique featuring some of the greatest objects Walter Reuben could find. A website that would appeal to him as a collector of “movie memorabilia” – reflecting his own personal tastes and interests.  He deliberately chose to go after only the best original vintage film collectibles: posters, lobby cards, photographs, even costume designs. Today, that boutique has grown to include movie scripts, r…
My company, Walter Reuben, Inc., actively buys movie and television scripts as well as movie memorabilia. It doesn’t matter what kind of movie or TV show it is: popular or obscure, low budget, indie film, or large studio spectacular. This includes horror movies, TV sitcoms, Oscar winning dramas or silly comedies. I can buy a few scripts or a large collection. Los Angles is Filled with Scripts People who work in the film and television industry, in a variety of capacities, may have valu…
October 2022, I am pleased to announce the launch of Waler Reuben’s 50th Catalog. As usual, it contains a wide variety of material. Here are the listed categories and an example of their contents:
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With Academy Award Season about to begin, we thought it might be appropriate to celebrate four significant screenplays that either won or were nominated for an Academy Award. After all, without a bit of imagination and the written word there would be no movies, no Academy Awards and, of course, no Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.