Welcome to Our New WalterFilm Website

We are pleased to announce that WalterFilm.com has a new website that makes shopping online not only a visual feast for the eyes, but easy and efficient for that person who just wants to browse or for the individual who has a clear idea of what they’re looking for and can search specifically for that topic. We welcome you to a website that treats what we are proud to offer with the respect and in a manner of presentation that we feel truly reflects these remarkable items.

Our Five Areas of Focus:

  • Collections – describes the five categories that make up the site
  • Categories – provides an extensive list of searchable terms
  • Curatorship – describes how we curate the material we present and the service we provide to our clients
  • Exhibits – presents our new or curated material and a list of our Previous Exhibits
  • Store – are the five collections we’ve created to better identify what is available to our collectors:

Our Background

Since 1982, WalterFilm’s primary focus has been on the glorious history of the European and Hollywood Motion Picture Business. We offer the finest selection of original vintage movie postersmovie star photoslobby cardsmovie scripts & rare books and Hollywood movie memorabilia. We also deal in sub-specialties of theater and stage, African American cultural history, as well as LGBTQ film, stage, art, and social history. Our goal is to search out and offer the most outstanding pieces we can find.

Curatorial Services

As part of WalterFilm’s Curatorial Services, we advise individual and business clients in the selection of material for their collections. Whether a collector is looking to decorate a home or office, to build a collection on a specialized subject or to purchase pieces as an investment, WalterFilm has the knowledge, experience and resources to help achieve those respective goals. In addition to working with private collectors, WalterFilm assists curators in building institutional collections at various libraries, museums and universities.

Welcome to Walterfilm.com

We hope you’ll take the time to explore our new website, WalterFilm.com, and discover a collection of remarkable material. Should you be interested in purchasing an item or would like to know more about what we’re offering or how we might help you build your collection, please give us a call at 323-422-1564 or email us at info@walterfilm.com.