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 |  ,’s third catalog (#44/2019) contains 84 pages that include vintage original photographs, posters, programs, pressbooks, lobby cards and film scripts. The categories encompassed are: Warhol, LGBTQ, Movie Musicals, African Americana, Pre-Code Hollywood, Literature, Film Directors and Women.

The catalog’s cover (above) is graced by a in-flight image of a dancing Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth (attributed to photographer George Hurrell) from the 1942 poster of Columbia Picture’s You Were Never Lovelier” (see below).

Catalog Categories

The following are the Categories included in the Catalog along with a brief description and two example pages. You can experience the actual catalog in a flip-file that will allow you to view it as though you were holding it in your hand and flipping from page to page by clicking “View Catalog.”

We hope you enjoy exploring this remarkable collection; and, should you care to purchase a piece (assuming it hasn’t already sold), just go to the website and search for the item’s name or contact us at 323-422-1564 or email us at

  • WARHOL– Here are two of our offerings: Program for the British release of “Flesh,” delayed 3 years due to censorship   A 1998 book store poster for the first book about Andy Warhol’s “Flesh” superstar entitled Little Joe Superstar – The Films of Joe Dallesandro
    Walter Reuben - Joe Dallesandro - Andy Warhol Superstar
  • LGBTQ – A number of photographs, posters, promotional books and a screenplay that reflect the LGBTQ community: A poster by super-hero artist, Borris Vallejo, for the New St. Marks Baths – A 1927 photograph of Karyl Norman (stage name for Frances Peduzzi) a transgendered performer (then referred to as a female impersonator), popular in vaudeville and night clubs under the moniker “the Creole Fashion Plate”
    Walter Reuben - LGBTQ Material
  • MOVIE MUSICALS – Eight offerings including: The final draft of the screenplay for the movie version of “Gypsy” and the fourth draft of “Grease” – A wonderful 1942 poster from Columbia Pictures’ Jerome Kern / Johnny Mercer musical “You Were Never Lovelier” starring Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth (our cover art)
    Walter Film - Gypsy Film Script & You Were Never Lovelier Poster
  • AFRICAN AMERICANA – This collection consists of film scripts, photographs and posters of musicians, actors and Broadway shows such as: A 1939 poster for a rare Black-cast independent western film starring Herbert Jeffrey entitle “Harlem Rides The Range” – A poster for the 1964 Broadway production of The Actor’s Studio presentation of James Baldwin’s Blues For Mr. Charley”

  • PRE-CODE HOLLYWOOD – The earliest talking films were sexually very open, with strong female characters until a censorship code was implemented in mid-1934. Examples are: Film script and poster for Johnny Weissmuller’s “Tarzan And His Mate” – Lobby cards for the 1933 MGM films “Penthouse” and “Hold Your Man”

  • LITERATURE  – This category is filled with film scripts, lobby cards, posters and photographs whose origin came from books, short stories and plays. Included are: “The Martian Chronicles” – three printed wrappers and film scripts for the three-part mini series based on Ray Bradbury’s  short stories – The 1984 poster for the Broadway production of David Mamet’s playGlengary Glen Ross”

  • DIRECTORS – Here are the film directors whose work is represented: Fritz Lang, Josef Von Sternberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Curtiz, Jack Arnold, Jean-Luc Godard, John Waters, Werner Hertzog, Ingmar Bergman, Mel Brooks, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma, Oliver Stone. Two examples are: The 1934 Paramount poster for Josef Von Sternberg’s penultimate film with Marlene Dietrich as “The Scarlet Empress” “Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom,” marked copy No. 00059, dated 3/1/83 of the script for the Steven Spielberg film
  • WOMEN – Vintage photographs, press book, and film scripts of and by women that include Katharine Hepburn . Ann Rand, Ruth Gordon, Lina Wertmuller poster archive, Shirley Jackson, Amy Heckerling, and Penny Marshall – Two examples are: A rare, 1945 Paramount Pictures press book for Ayn Rand’s screenplay, “Love Letters” The 1966 poster for the Hugh Wheeler adaption of Shirley Jackson’s most famous work, “We Have Always Lived In The Castle”

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